The Vinyl Record Wall Mount is an ideal way to display both the front and back of a spinning record on the wall or simply to beautify the wall with the artwork of your favorite album. It was cleverly created to hold all kinds of 12″ records using only one flat screw for all the records. With this unique design, there is no risk of damaging the records with long hours of continuous exposure to heat. The mount also has an anti-skid feature that prevents your records from slipping out of the wall.

With the Vinyl Record Wall Mount, you will find yourself more concerned about the unique piece instead of the records themselves. If you are one of those that loathe dust and dirt getting into your records, then this wall mount will be the answer to your problem. You won’t have to worry about the vinyl records wall mount sliding or scratching as it is securely latched in place with one flat screw. There is no risk of damage to the records.

You will find that there are several styles available to suit your personal taste and requirements for your vinyl records wall mount display. There is the simple black acrylic vinyl mount with one flat screw and the fully lined black lacquer, vinyl records wall mount display that comes with a built-in cooling unit that allows for easy cleaning. The full lined vinyl records wall mount display is also elegant with its gold trim and gives a modern look to any room in your house. With the beautiful silver bow, silver plating, and gold trimmed trim, this unique wall mounting style is both stylish and attractive.

The vinyl records wall mount that you choose should compliment your interior design. They should be able to easily fit into any room in your home. They are so versatile that it is possible to display your favorite album covers and have them on display at the same time. When not being used, they are extremely safe to keep on a bookshelf as they can be removed and hung on a door without damaging the item. This is an easy installation using a single flat screw (included in the box).

For the ultimate in organization, you might want to purchase the fully lined vinyl records wall mount that comes with its own cooling unit. All of the records can be neatly placed in an organized manner where they will all be properly viewed at one time. It will not only provide you with a stylish way to display your favorite album covers, but it will also save you money on the regular cost of album covers. An easy installation using a single, double, or triple-sided screw (included in the box).

This unique piece of equipment is designed to keep your valuable collection intact for years to come. The wall mounting includes a single, double or triple-sided wood screw (included in the box). Mounting instructions are included with each unit. Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. With this great wall clock, you can display your favorite music on your wall and still be able to find the music when you need it.