The Rolling Stones is a band that has created some of the most recognizable music of all time. Their lyrics have inspired many American and European songs and their music has been covered by countless groups. Their album cover art even made famous (and sometimes controversial) images such as that of Led Zeppelin’s “Strawberry Swing” and the image of the devil with the bagpipes on top of the castle in “psycho.” However, what many people do not realize is that the Rolling Stones was once into something far different than what they are known to be today. Before they were the rock and roll group that they are today, they were starting out in a very different genre – the extremely darkly moody and brooding psychophonic metal band that is The Rolling Stones.

In between their very long careers with The Beatles, The Stones had also recorded several albums that very similar sound to their later work. That early work would often use guitar and piano and featured choppy, slightly urgent guitar solos as well as an abundance of keyboards. Some songs from those early albums also feature chaotic drumming that really drive the point home as to how different the Rolling Stones was from The Beatles. “Sympathy for the Devil” features one of those chaotic moments, as does” Caverns of Everlasting Death” but all of these songs also feature John Entwistle on vocals.

“Sympathy for the Devil” is a good example of just what makes this band so distinctive. As the title suggests, the song features John Entwistle on vocals. The lyrics are quite sad, as he laments the fact that he is now “so old,” but he also shows a lot of humor as he sings, “I am feeling fine today because I am feeling the love of my life.” The lyrics are very touching and present a very personal view of John Entwistle’s life. Getting a Rolling Stones LP vinyl record for sale is a very nice addition to your record collection.

“I’ve a secret to give you” is also another song from The Rolling Stones’ history. The song is about the singer’s break-up with girlfriend. This is actually the first song that many fans will ever hear from this iconic group. From this point, the band has not released any records from this period of time. Getting a Rolling Stones vinyl album for sale is a wise choice if you want to have this first song in your collection.

Another interesting song from this era is “Paintings.” This is from the album Please Me. This is the first album where the band decided to do an acoustic set, which they did great, recording a cover version of the song with their acoustic guitar. If you like acoustic pop songs, then this is a great record. Getting a Rolling Stones vinyl album for sale is a wise decision if you like the acoustic rock music that the band has put out.

Overall, this first album from the band is one of their best, if not the best. This album provides fans with some great lyrics and music. It is worth it to spend the money to get this first album if you are a fan. You will not regret it.