Frank Sinatra trivia will show that his musical career was actually born on the East Coast of America. But his biggest break would come in Hollywood as a leading man in “My Fair Lady,” “Charity,” and as the star of “chemist” and “The Man Who Played Go.” Frank Sinatra’s musical influences would later include the jazz music that was first heard in New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, and New York City.

Probably his best-known musical creation would be his masterpiece “My Fair Lady.” It wasn’t his most successful album, but the impact it had on listeners is undeniable. From the start it’s set to an urgent sultry brass tempo, interspersed with lyrics about the cold war, the troubles of working class Americans, and the singer’s own frustration over not making enough money. “My Fair Lady” also features a number of interesting horn arrangements, all leading up to its very emotional climax. On the surface, it seems like nothing could top this album… but then again, nothing ever beats a Frank Sinatra recording!

Sinatra’s other album, which he released around the same time as “My Fair Lady” was “My Beautiful Lady.” This time around, he had some help from the likes of trumpeter’s Frank Sinatra, Ray Vaughan, and King Curtis, who were equally enthused by his music. While many of his records from this era have been lost or damaged, the vinyl records from this time are still around and available to the fans that want them.

Another one of Frank Sinatra’s vinyl records that is rare and sought after today are the previously unreleased recordings from four of his worldwide tours. These previously unheard recordings feature Sinatra at the front of a band and were recorded during his “American tour” in the late 1960s. Many of these recordings were featured on the “Frank Sinatra and His Amazing Ring Gethers” album which was released in the late ’60s. These rare and beloved vinyl records are extremely sought after by collectors around the world.

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